Are you looking for a better way to keep track of your customer bookings so you can use them to make important business decisions? A bespoke booking system from System Bookings will provide the perfect solution. We develop all of our booking systems with custom reporting modules, tailored to your needs and requirements. Find out more below.


Use your bespoke booking system to receive detailed reports on all aspects of your bookings. Find out information about your customers so you can provide them with an even better service in the future. All reports can be exported to CSV and PDF formats. Simply let us know what type of reports you would like to receive from your booking system and we will create a bespoke module to meet your needs and requirements.

Ready at the click of a button

In the past it may have taken days or even weeks to create reports featuring valuable insights about your business, however with your own bespoke booking system from System Bookings, the process is quick and simple.


Reports are generated instantly and display valuable real time data. You can gain access to all information related to your business, including revenue reports and also have the option to set up permissions to restrict your employees’ access to certain information.


Reporting File Types

Need your reports creating in a certain file type? No problem! Simply let us know and we will set up your booking system so it exports reports in your required format. Simply choose from the list of file types below:



Emailed Reports sent automatically

As well as being able to access real time data, you can also configure your booking system to automatically email reports to you or your department managers. For example, say your finance manager needed to see a report of the takings at the end of each day. You would be able to configure your system to automatically send the daily takings report at 5pm (or another time) every day.


Many businesses also like their booking systems to email them a report in the morning, letting them know how many bookings they have and at what time. This enables them to set up their business so they are ready for when their customers arrive.


Tailored to meet your needs

The benefit of purchasing bespoke booking software is that it can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Simply let us know what custom reports you require your system to provide and our team of developers will ensure they are delivered.


For more information about custom reporting options, feel free to get in touch with System Bookings. Simply give us a call or drop us an email with your enquiry and we will do our very best to assist you.

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