Allow post booking changes, payments invites and more

One of the great things about our booking systems is that they don’t just take bookings and payments but also allow customers to manage their bookings, payments and information. We call this section of the booking system, the booking hub. On this page we have shared some information about the booking hub’s functionality but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


Further Payments

If you have been reading up on our booking systems, you will already know that they can be set up to accept deposits, where by customers pay a select amount up front and the remaining money is either paid online (through the booking system) at a later date or in person on the day of the booking.


If the customer chooses to pay the remaining money online, they can simply login to the booking hub, select their booking and make the final payment. Similarly, if customers are splitting the cost of the booking with friends (i.e. a group booking), their friends can simply login to the booking hub and make additional payments.

Managing bookings

The booking hub provides an easy and convenient way for customers to manage the bookings they have made with your company. For example, if they need to change the date of the booking, cancel the booking or add extra people onto the booking, they can simply login to the booking hub and make the necessary changes. There’ll be no need to contact your business, as the booking will automatically update and notify you of any changes.


Invite guests to book

Another useful feature of the booking hub is that it makes it really easy for customers to invite other guests to make a booking. One way this can be achieved is by publishing their booking details straight to social media. In addition they can also enter their friends’ email addresses to privately invite them to the event. This is great for generating extra bookings and revenue.

Reprint booking confirmation and PDF’s

If customers need to print out their booking information, either for their own reference or as a ticket on the day of the event, they can do it straight from the booking hub. There they will either be able to print straight from the internet or alternatively they can save their booking confirmation as a PDF to keep on their device.
The great thing about this feature is that it prevents customers from having to ring you up at busy times to confirm their booking or have documents re-sent to them.

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