Types of Integration

Types Of Integration

When it comes to using your new bespoke booking software, you don’t need to choose between your booking form and your website; you can simply integrate them and benefit from an all-in-one solution! Our team of developers are highly experienced in performing website integrations and can also integrate your bespoke booking system with payment processors, queuing systems and various other applications.


One of the benefits of having your booking system integrated with your company website is that it will give customers more confidence in making a booking with your business. We can customise your booking system with your branding and save it in a sub folder, so that your customers will be able to easily access it from your homepage.
Our developers can also integrate your bespoke booking system with a wide range of payment processors to allow your customers to make easy, quick and secure payments online.

Queing Integration

Does your business need to use a queuing system? No problem at all! Simply let us know and our developers will integrate your booking system with a queuing system to avoid double bookings. Check out the system we built for Brighton Council for a good example of queuing system integration.


Social media integration

Market your business for free by integrating your bespoke booking system with social media applications. This will give customers the opportunity to share the bookings they have made with your company and encourage their social media friends to make reservations too!

Accounting software integration

Keep on top of your finances by having your new booking system integrated with your favourite accounting software. Simply let us know what accounting software you use and our developers will make the necessary arrangements to facilitate a smooth integration.


Email integration

Email marketing is great for engaging your customers and encouraging them to make an online booking with your business. Our team of expert developers can make it even easier for you to send out marketing emails to your customers by integrating your mailing application with your bespoke booking system. This integration will also give you the opportunity to send out automatic email reminders to your existing customer base.

Other Integrations

The integrations featured above are examples of what is possible when it comes to developing a bespoke booking system for your business. If you use a particular piece of software that you would like integrating with your booking system or have an idea for a great custom integration, simply get in touch with our team and we will do our best to facilitate you.


Click here for more examples of the types of integrations we offer.

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