UK car parts retailer Halfords approached System Bookings to design and develop a bespoke workshop booking system for the company to use in over 450 stores.

  • 450 + Halfords Stores using the booking system weekly
  • Over 10 types of workshops
  • Integrated feedback system
  • Detailed Reporting
  • 15,000 + bookings per month
  • Bespoke reporting system to automated and on-the-fly reports

Mobile network company Orange commissioned a bespoke appointment system from System Bookings to help them manage their client training sessions.

  • Used in 450 + Orange Stores
  • Store and Call Centre bookings
  • SMS Confirmation and Reminders
  • Allows complete management of training programme
Protecter & Gamble

System Bookings is proud to have created a bespoke conference appointment solution for leading consumer product company, Procter & Gamble.

  • European Conferences
  • Automated Itineraries
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Manages meetings between delegates
Brighton & Hove Council

Brighton & Hove council approached System Bookings to create a bespoke booking software solution to help them improve the efficiency of appointment scheduling.

  • Bookings across 10 departments
  • Installed On Site
  • Integrated with queuing system
  • Complete room booking and associated equipment¬†management solution.

System Bookings developed an online delivery booking system for Biffa to make it easier for their clients to book waste deliveries online and improve the management of their bookings internally.

  • Clients can choose their own booking time
  • Detailed Reporting Tonnage Availability module
  • Tonnage Availability module
  • Site Manager can accept or deny delivery requests
National Landlords Association

The Online booking system solution allows users to make bookings for National Landlords Assocation course, meetings and conferences. Integrated with Sage Pay and third party CMS.

  • Integrated with Sage Pay
  • Member calls via SOAP
  • Over 500 courses setup per year
  • Allows NLA staff to set up and create all courses, meetings and conferences
  • Bespoke reporting module producing business intelligence reports across the system
  • Waiting List Module
  • Integration with Sage Pay

Walkabout approached System Bookings to create a bespoke booking software solution to help them improve the efficiency of appointment scheduling.

  • 25 + Bars
  • World Pay integration
  • Private + Public Bookings
  • Working closely with in-house team to deliver look and feel
  • Integration with external CRM system
University College London

System Bookings have developed an online booking system that allows students of UCL to book slots to use multiple resources across the campus. The system is integrated with their Active Directory to allow students to book by simply entering their UCL ID number.

  • Integrated with student accounts
  • Multiple resources
  • Used across campus
National Association of Headteachers

The NAHT approached System Bookings to create a bespoke internal booking system that allows them to schedule appointments for members of the association.

  • Installed Internally
  • Connection to Windows
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Users
Hippodrome Casino

One of System Booking’s most challenging project requests to date came from the Hippodrome Casino in London, who tasked us with developing four solutions (restaurant, theatre, barcode and events booking) and integrating them into one complete management system

  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Theatre Bookings
  • Event Bookings
  • Barcode integration
  • Integration with Barclays EPDQ
  • Discount Codes
  • Voucher Codes
  • Timesheet Generation

Another unique project request came from Hearst magazines, which commissioned our developers to create an intranet booking system.

  • Multiple studio bookings
  • Booking Email Confirmation
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Used by 50+ Magazines
1 Stop Instruction

System Bookings was commissioned by 1 Stop Instruction to build an online course booking system for their customers to use.

  • 10 + Locations
  • 15 + types of courses
  • Integrated with World Pay
  • Multi Day Booking
Madigan Gill

Our team of dedicated developers created a logistics booking systems for Madigan Gill. The system was designed to allow sub contractors to book their own delivery times across different gates at multiple building sites.

  • 10 + Locations
  • 15 + types of courses
  • Integrated with World Pay
Bowmer & Kirkland

System Bookings built a bespoke delivery logistics booking system for Bowmer & Kirkland. The idea is that the company’s sub contractors can use it to book their own delivery times across multiple building sites.

Galliford Try

Our delivery systems are also used by Galliford Try at their Project Angel site in Northampton. The system allows sub contractors to book deliveries in via secure platform.

Segway Unleashed

System Bookings recently built an online booking system for Segway Unleashed so that customers could book Segway activities across multiple sites online.

Skirmish Paintball Network

Skirmish Paintball Network asked System Bookings to create a multi location booking system for their twelve paintball sites across the United Kingdom.

AHA Medical

System Bookings designed and developed a flu jab booking system to make it easier for the police force, universities and local authorities across the South of England to book their annual vaccinations online.

PJM Logistics

System Bookings designed a vehicle management system to help PJM Logistics track the movements of over two thousand of their vehicles.

The Smart School of Cookery

The Smart School Of Cookery required a new online booking system that would allow their customer to book across their 4 locations and choose from over a 10 different cookery courses.

  • Bookings across 5 locations
  • Integrated cookery menus
  • Payments via Paypal & Invoice
  • Integration with 3rd party voucher providers
  • 10,000 + Bookings a month
  • Facility to add additional items
Beam Suntory

System Bookings created a bespoke Visitor and Tour Management System covering Beam Suntorys 7 sites across UK, Ireland and France

  • 7 individual bespoke systems
  • Front end client portal
  • Bespoke CRM and Administration Portal
  • Bespoke reporting module
  • Staff can set up and manage tours
  • Staff can set up and manage products purchased alongside tours
  • Payments through Sage Pay and World Pay
Penguin Parking

Penguin Parking required an online booking system and management system for 500+ car parking spaces. System Bookings delivered a full parking management system integrated with Secure Trading Payment system.


  • Payment System Integration
  • Postcode Anywhere Integration
  • Over 200 cruises
  • Facility to book multiple cars
  • Book extras such as valet and trailors
Thatchers Cider

System Bookings provide Thatchers Cider with an online delivery system that allows growers to book in their own delivery times

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