Complete Visitor Management System

Take full control over the visitors to your business or premises, using our visitor management system will allow every visit to be tracked and recorded.

The visitor management system can be used for all sectors including education, health, private businesses and many others.


Check visitors in with ease

Checking visitors in could not be simpler, using any type of device from a tablet device in a mounted stand to a desktop PC.

Print Passes

The system can produce identification which can be printed out and given to visitors, Badges can include name, photo and signatures.


Email Alerts

Alerts can be setup to notify certain personnel when a visitor arrives. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS and will contain the name and photograph of the person who is visiting

Customised Reports

Many types of reports can be generated via the visitor management system. This facility is also useful for generating fire reports.


Booking System integrations

The visitor management system can integrate seamlessly with our booking system software, this allows your visitors to book their visits online.


Detailed Reporting and evacuation lists

In the case of emergency, detailed reports can be printed off which will allow you to view is currently on-site and who also run historical searches which will detail who was on-site at a specific time.

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