Walkabout is an iconic bar chain operating over 25 venues across the UK.

Walkabout approached System Bookings to build a bespoke booking system that would allow their clients to book space, events and private parties.

System Bookings also created a secondary spend catalogue that allows guests to add drink and food to their bookings creating unique packages and a vital extra revenue stream for Walkabout.

System Bookings integrated the system with World Pay system allowing all items are payable online with secure PCI DSS compliant payments.

Walkabout were already operating their own CRM system which System Bookings integrated the booking system with providing an efficient system coping with all day to day running of the business.

The result is an efficient powerful solution that has opened up an online revenue stream for Walkabout and automated what was before a time consuming manual process

Bookings for over 25 venues

Before the customer begins their booking they can select which venue they wish to make a booking for.

Walkabout Booking

Customers can choose party type

The customer can choose which type of event they are having when they going through the process.

Add on Food and Drink

The customer can add on all types of extras such as Food and Drink packages.

Walkabout Party Type

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