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Multiple Desks

Add Multiple Desks

Add as many desks to the booking system as your require from the simple to use admin panel.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Let your users choose the desk they wish to book from an interactive online floor plan. Works across all devices including tablet and mobile.

an additional option is to have a kiosk on-site to book desks on location.

Manage No Shows

Manage No Shows

Automatically release desk space if the person who booked the desk does not show up.

Using the desk sensors will check if the person has turned up within a certain timeframe. (E.g within 30 minutes of the booking)

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Our desk booking software makes it easy for you to manage your visitors from sending meeting invites to reception checking in guests and printing visitor passes.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed reports on all aspects of your bookings. All reports can be exported to CSV and PDF format. We will ask you which reports you require and will compile a bespoke module to meet your reporting requirements.

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

View which guests are in the waiting area and how long each person has been waiting. Users can update their availability to alert waiting attendees that they are ready to meet.

Integration Outlook

Integration With Outlook

The software will directly integrate with Outlook. Allowing the booking system and Outlook to stay in perfect sync.

Manage Tablet Mobile

Manage From Tablet And Mobile

The system can be managed from a mobile or tablet device as well as desktop.

We can provide all of the hardware which is required.

Web Based Solution

Web Based Solution

Access the desk management system from anywhere from any device that can connect to the internet

Multiple Buildings

Multiple Buildings

You add can add desks to multiple floors and buildings

The user has the option to browse different buildings or be assigned a specific floor/building.

Who this type of system would be used by

Company administrators

  • Desk plans
  • Allocate desks
  • Manage desks
  • Change desk plans
  • Book equipment
  • Hot desking solution

Office worker

  • Book desks
  • Manage diary
  • Book blocks of time
  • Book on your mobile device

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