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Add Multiple Dentists

Add Multiple Dentists

Add each dentist thats work in your practise from the easy to use admin Each dentist will be able to log on to the systme and view their own bookings

The can also update their own availability which will pass through to the online booking system.

Add Different Treatments

Add Different Treatments

Let your patients book their treatments and provide extra details during the booking process.

Patients booking online will also give the added benfit of less phone calls and more time for admin staff to focus on other tasks.



Rules can be set in the admin panel to allow paitents to make cancelations and also process refunds.

It is advised that paitents are not given the options to cancel within 48 hours of an appointment

Patients Book Online

Patients Can Book Online

Using the online booking system patients can book in their own appointment with the dentist

Emergency Dentist

Allow patients to book emergency dental appointments within the next 48 hours. Special rules can be implemented to allow immediate appointments outside of the normal booking rulesets.

Who this type of system would be used by


  • Patients can book their dentist appointments online via any device.


  • The admin panel allows full visibility of the dentist diary, the user can also add appointment from within the control panel.


  • The dentist can view their upcoming appointments and also a full history of the patient.

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