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Unlimited Projects

Add Unlimited Projects

You can add unlimited construction and building site projects to the online logistics booking system. There are no restrictions or further charges for adding new projects.

System Management is done via an easy to use interface that will allow the user to manage all aspects such as zones, buildings, vehicles, sub contractors etc

Sub Contractors Can Book Their Delivery Time

Sub contractors can choose the delivery time they wish to book. As the delivery system is web based the contractor will be able to book at any time of the day and from any location

The booking can either be auto confirmed or entered into a pending state which will then be approved or declined.

Track CO2 Emissions

Track CO2 Emissions

The booking system will allow you to log all CO2 emissions and run a report to get a total figure for a specific day, week, month or year. The report can run for specific contractors,sites and vehicles.

Reports can be exported to PDF and CSV

Block Out Days Times

Block Out And Days Times

If for any reason a day or time block needs to be blocked from deliveries being booked then you can simply apply a block within the admin panel

For example this could be Monday to Friday 8:30am – 9:30am in the morning and 3pm – 4pm in the afternoon for a school.

Different Types Vehicles

Add Different Types Of Vehicles

Add different vehicles such as vans, lorries, hoists, loaders, tippers, skips, cranes etc You can also track materials being delivered such as concrete, bricks, flooring, metals, plastics

Deliveries On Site

Check Deliveries On Site

Using a tablet device users such as the gate manager can check which deliveries are due in and which vehicles are currently on site.

This would update in real time allow the user to know the exact state of play and also remove the need for paper print outs.

Deliveries On Tv Screen

Deliveries On A Tv Screen

Displaying deliveries on a TV screen will allow users to view a snapshot of the sites deliveries. Showing the days deliveries on a TV screen will help allow everyone to be kept up to date

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed reports on all aspects of your bookings. All reports can be exported to CSV and PDF format. We will ask you which reports you require and will compile a bespoke module to meet your reporting requirements.

QR Codes

QR codes

Manage the arrival and movement of deliveries across the site via QR scanning

Who this type of system would be used by

Warehouse manager

  • Book in goods
  • Time slots according to delivery type
  • Manage different areas of the warehouse
  • Report of delivery times and types
  • Send out reminders

Logistics and delivery drivers

  • Book in on mobile device
  • Book convenient time slots
  • Cancel online
  • Manage diary

Gatehouse Worker

– Check deliveries in
– Refuse deliveries
– Monitor current vehicles on site

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