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Reserve Bookings

Reserve Bookings

Users can reserve a space for x amount of days before the event, If they have not booked and paid by a certain date which has been specified then the conference booking is removed and available for another user to book

Multiple Conference Event Bookings

Multiple Conference event bookings

Allow users to book more than one conference during the same booking process. e.g. Mr Smith can book a conference for Event A and Event B at the same time

Free Events

Free Events

Free conference events can be added. Customers simply need to confirm that they will be attending the event anf no payment is needed.


Waiting List

If you event is full then you can allow your users to add themselves to a waiting list. You can then allow users on this list to book if you have dropouts, or even create another event for these people.

Conference Extras

Add Conference Extras

Adding extras will allow your customers to add additional items to their booking. This will give you the chance to upsell products such as Meals, Conference programmes and other items.

Special Requirements

Customers can enter Special Requirements

Certain customers may have special requirements such as their dietary needs or a disability they may have. The booking form will allow them to enter any additional info.

Booking Confirmation

Conference Availability

The limits on the amount of people who can attend a conference is set within the admin panel and can be changed even once bookings have been taken for the conference. – Automated emails sent to designated email address depending on state of the conference event e.g. Event full, x amount of spaces booked with x amount of days to go.

Discount Codes

Conference Discount codes allow you customers to enter a discount code and receive either a percentage of fixed amount of the total booking price. Expiry dates and the amount of times a code can be used can be set within the admin panel.

Different Pricing Bands

Set Different Pricing Bands

By creating usergroups you can allow specific members to get a different rate when booking a conference. e.g. Mr Smith is a premium member and will recieve a cheaper price than Mr Bloggs who is only a standard member.



Rules can be set in the admin panel to allow customers to make cancelations also process refunds.

Who this type of system would be used by

Conference Organisers

  • Manage your conference
  • Organise and book rooms
  • Offer created content
  • Manage catering and accommodation
  • Arrange one to one meetings via our delegate portal


  • Can book their tickets online
  • Print their booking confirmation
  • Cancel their booking if required
  • Upgrade their booking

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