Why an Off the shelf booking system does not work for all businesses

Anyone who is looking for an online booking system solution will soon come across a whole host of pay monthly (Off the shelf) software. They do what they say on the tin “Take bookings online” but I very much doubt they will meet all the requirements you have.

We are often asked why we do not charge a monthly fee for our software and are often laughed at when potential customers begin to discuss pricing.

We build bespoke solutions, developing a product that will not only take bookings but will also match all the requirements you have for your business.

Ask yourself this question? Do any 2 businesses work in exactly the same way? Do they have the same processes?

Of course the answer you will reach is “No”

A booking system solution built to the way your company works will make the whole booking process for you and your customers a lot more simple.

There will be a bigger outlay in terms of money but in the long run you will pay more with a pay monthly product and will still have the same non bespoke product.

Advantages of bespoke software

  • The software is built to the exact way you require
  • Host the system on your own servers
  • Software is owned by you
  • Integrate with the design of your website
  • Add value to your company
  • Advantage over your competition with superior software

Disadvantages of bespoke software

  • Bigger Outlay

Dave Norwell

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