How to make your sports business stand out from all the competition

The sports industry thrives on competition. The competition to find the best team, lift the most weight or run the furthest distance are all powerful motivators. However, in business, there’s another competition: the struggle to stand out from your competitors and similar business in your local area.
There are many ways in which you can make your business stand out from everyone else. However, one way that you may not have thought of is by streamlining your online bookings and customer management processes.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • “I use a paper-based booking system and keep losing important pieces of information”
  • “My customers find my booking system hard to use”
  • “My customers don’t like paying me in cash”
  • “Updating my spreadsheet every time there is a new booking is time-consuming and I often make mistakes”
  • “Our current system makes it hard for multiple staff members to communicate and access key information”
  • “If a lesson is cancelled we have to contact each customer individually which takes lots of time”

For sports businesses experiencing these problems, the solution is simple. You need an online bookings system. The benefits to your business in terms of customer satisfaction and reduced administration cannot be overstated.

Stop drowning in admin, lost bookings and confusion between staff and customers – it’s not worth it! Sports bookings systems such as System Bookings can be tailored to your exact business, providing you with a bespoke, hassle-free online system to make your sports business stand out from the competition.

5 reasons to use a sports booking system

1) Simple and quick way for customers to book

System Bookings has been designed with customers in mind. We know that an easy-to-use, visually attractive bookings system not only makes things simpler for the user but also increases their chances of booking with you! If someone can book your sports classes in a few clicks, it reduces the barrier-to-entry and makes them more likely to complete their booking rather than dropping out half way through if they don’t understand your booking process.

2) Take secure credit card payments
Not everyone likes to pay by cash and that’s completely understandable, especially when paying for a whole sports course at once. System Bookings allows you to take secure credit card payments online. Not only is this easier for your customers but it means the money goes directly into your account; you don’t need to make a trip to the bank to pay it in. Of course, if some customers do pay in cash, that’s absolutely fine – you can add the information as a manual payment.

3) Easily view, edit and manage your bookings
It’s common for sports businesses to rely on Excel spreadsheets or paper-based systems to manage bookings. The problem with this is that it relies heavily on you keeping them up-to-date. With System Bookings, all of your booking management is done automatically. When a customer books, they enter their details into the system and these get associated with the booking. You can view everyone on a particular course or lesson at the touch of a button. Automatic payment logging lets you track who has paid and chase overdue payments. You can export the data to PDF or CSV format if you need to save it to your computer or print it out.

4) Send SMS notifications to your customers
Sometimes you need to contact all of your customers quickly. Perhaps you need to cancel a lesson due to instructor illness or venue closure. System Bookings allows you to send SMS text messages to a targeted list of customers at the touch of a button. You can also use this functionality to confirm bookings and send payment receipts which gives peace of mind to the customer that their reservation has been successful.

5) Reduce your administration time with automated report generation
How much time do you spend on admin for your sports business? Wouldn’t that time be better spent on marketing your business or, better yet, running an additional course? System Bookings’ automated reports make admin a breeze. When your account is created, we tailor the reporting functionality to your businesses’ exact requirements, eliminating as much manual administration time as possible from your schedule. No more spending your evenings and weekends getting your records up-to-date – it will all be done for you!

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