Integration of Your Booking System with 3rd Party Software and Hardware

When you invest in a bespoke booking system, it will be customised with your branding and integrated with your existing business website. However that is not the only part of your business that your booking system can be integrated with. Our bespoke systems can be integrated with a wide range of third party software and hardware. Here we will explain some of the possibilities for integration and how you can benefit from it.

Till systems

Our bespoke booking systems can be integrated with a wide range of till systems. This will allow you to automatically record sales made from your online booking systems on your till. You will also be able to use the information collected from your online booking system to compile accounts and VAT information, manage stock and create a wide range of business reports (sales, busiest times, best-selling services etc.)

Accounting software

The majority of businesses use some form of accounting software to manage their finances. You will be pleased to hear that all of our tailored booking systems can be integrated with accounting packages. This will allow you to synchronise your online booking system with your accounting software and keep track of things like sales data and profits.

Mailing software

Online booking systems can be integrated with mailing software so that you can send out automatic booking confirmation emails to your customers. You could also have an option on your form that asks if customers want to sign up to your newsletter. Integrating your booking system with your mailing software will mean that your newsletters can automatically be sent out to customers that have opted in to receive them.


If required, we can design your online booking platform so that it is touchscreen friendly. This means that it will be compatible with both mobile devices and digital tablets. Having a touch screen friendly online booking system will allow your customers to make bookings on the go using their mobile devices. It will also mean you can access booking information from your mobile device, no matter where you are in the world, providing you are connected to the internet.

We can make your booking system touchscreen friendly so mobile customers can make bookings directly from their devices.

Payment Processors

Integrating your booking system with payment processors will enable you to take payments directly from your online booking form. All payment systems that are used by your tailored booking system will be integrated with 3D secure to ensure your customers can benefit from a secure booking environment.


If your business uses a calendar to record bookings and events, we can integrate it with your new online booking system. Every time a booking is taken, the booking system will synchronise with your calendar software and update it accordingly. This will prevent double bookings and also help to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Social Media

Integrating your online booking system with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can benefit your business in a number of ways. If you have a Facebook business page you will be able to take bookings directly from it, preventing customers from need to leave the social media site. We can also set your booking system up so that customers can register using their social media logins.

Having your online booking system integrated with social media will also allow for social sharing. This means that customers can share the booking they have made on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page by simply clicking a button. This will be free advertising for your business and may help you to secure bookings from their peers.

When it comes to building your bespoke online booking system, the possibilities for integration are endless! Contact us today for more information.

Dave Norwell

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