Skirmish Paintball network

Skirmish Paintball is a network of paintball sites across the UK.

System Bookings created a complete solution that allows users to book their paintball sessions online.

Paintball bookings online

Customers can book their paintball sessions online. They can choose the site,date and time that they wish to book, Once selected they can choose the packages and extras and complete their booking by paying online.

Multiple Packages

Unlimited packages can be added to the booking system for customers to choose when they are completing their bookings. Customers can also add on extras such extras paints and meals.

Group Pay

Once a booking has been made the customer can then invite their friends to add on. They can then make their own mini booking and choose packages/extras and pay online.

Integrated with Payment Sense

The booking solution is integrated with the Payment Sense Processor.

Scalable Solution

From the Skirmish admin more paintball sites can be added to the booking system, Making the system completely scalable.

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