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P&G partnered with System Bookings, a pioneering online scheduling platform, to implement a tailored solution that precisely addressed the company’s conference scheduling needs. The collaboration aimed to provide P&G’s conference organizers, delegates, and sponsors with a user-friendly and efficient way to manage their meeting schedules.

Key Features and Implementation:

Automated Scheduling

System Bookings’ advanced algorithm automates the meeting scheduling process, taking into account participants’ availability, preferences, and priorities. This feature significantly reduces the manual workload for organizers and minimizes the chances of scheduling conflicts.

Real-time Updates

Participants receive real-time updates and synchronized calendars, enabling them to access their meeting schedules and stay informed about any changes or additions. This feature ensures that all stakeholders are well-prepared and can make the most of their conference experience.

Seamless Integration

System Bookings seamlessly integrates with P&G’s existing event management tools and platforms, streamlining the entire conference planning process. This integration provides a cohesive solution, allowing organizers to focus on delivering a successful event.

Enhanced Communication

The platform facilitates direct communication between delegates and sponsors, enabling them to exchange messages, share documents, and set agenda items within the system. This feature fosters meaningful connections and promotes collaboration during the conferences.

Secure Infrastructure

P&G benefits from System Bookings’ robust and secure infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring participants’ data remains protected throughout the conference.

Multiple Conferences

The flexibility of System Bookings’ software has enabled P&G to seamlessly extend its scheduling capabilities to various conferences held in different locations worldwide. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual scheduling processes; now, P&G’s conference organizers can effortlessly create and manage meeting schedules for each event with ease.

Automated scheduling

There can be over 500 meeting requests at a conference which can be a laborious to schedule. Using the automated scheduler allowed the client to create every meeting at the click of a button.

Schedules sent via email to sponsors and delegates

Using the built in email sender allowed the the client to send every attendees schedule at the same time. Schedule are sent in a branded designed PDF attachment.

Multiple meeting attendees

System Bookings offers a valuable feature that allows a single meeting to accommodate multiple attendees. This functionality enables seamless coordination and organization, empowering event organizers to effortlessly arrange gatherings with numerous participants, fostering collaborative discussions, and enhancing the overall efficiency of meetings.

Priority Bookings

System Bookings includes the capability to designate delegates and sponsors as priority attendees, enabling the system to allocate specific times for their meetings. By prioritizing these key participants, the platform ensures that their schedules receive special attention, optimizing their conference experience and facilitating crucial engagements at dedicated and convenient time slots.

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