The NHS (National Health Service) recognized the need for an efficient and user-friendly online patient appointment booking system to streamline therapist appointments. The existing approach was laborious, with over 40,000 monthly appointments booked through phone calls. This not only burdened the call center staff but also inconvenienced patients, who had to call within working hours to secure appointments.

To address these challenges, the NHS partnered with System Bookings, a cutting-edge solution provider. The new booking system revolutionizes the appointment scheduling process by allowing patients to easily book their therapist appointments online via a personalized web link. This accessible platform operates 24/7, providing patients with the flexibility to book appointments at their convenience.

Gone are the days of patients waiting on hold or being restricted to specific call center hours. The self-booking system empowers patients to make appointments with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the workload on NHS staff and minimizing wait times for patients.

To enhance the efficiency of the booking process, System Bookings implemented automated reminders. If a patient hasn’t booked an appointment within three days of receiving the web link, the system automatically sends out email and SMS reminders, gently prompting them to complete the booking. This proactive approach ensures fewer missed appointments and optimizes the utilization of available therapist slots.

System Bookings prioritizes a user-centric approach, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices, including mobile. Patients can easily navigate the booking interface, making the process quick and hassle-free, regardless of the device they use.

With the new online appointment booking system in place, the NHS can now deliver more effective and accessible healthcare services to the community. The partnership with System Bookings represents a significant step forward in embracing digital solutions to enhance patient care and streamline administrative processes.

40,000 Bookings per month

The appointment booking solution has proven to be a resounding success for the NHS, facilitating the seamless scheduling of over 40,000 appointments each month. This impressive number encompasses various appointment types offered across multiple counties in the United Kingdom.

By adopting this efficient booking system, the NHS has experienced a significant improvement in its operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. The streamlined process allows patients from different regions to access healthcare services promptly, ensuring timely appointments that cater to their specific needs.

With the aid of this advanced technology, the NHS has successfully optimized its appointment management, alleviating the burden on staff and enabling them to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients. The user-friendly interface has contributed to a positive patient experience, empowering them to easily book appointments at their convenience.

Furthermore, the data generated by the booking solution offers valuable insights for the NHS to enhance its healthcare planning and resource allocation. The centralized system provides a comprehensive view of appointment trends and demands, enabling the NHS to make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently across various regions.

The success of this appointment booking solution showcases the NHS’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies to improve healthcare accessibility and patient outcomes. With its ability to handle a substantial volume of bookings and cater to diverse appointment types, the system serves as a model for efficient healthcare management in the digital age.

Over 600 NHS Therapists

The appointment system is used by over 35 NHS Co-ordinators on a daily basis and appointments are booked online by patients for over 600 NHS healthcare professionals.


SMS Integration

The NHS appointment booking system is fully integrated with the SMS module allowing the appointment booking link to be sent to the patient via SMS and the booking confirmation once the appointment has been booked.

Appointment confirmations and reminders are also sent using the automated SMS module

SMS Integration

Schedule Management

Using System Bookings scheduler module NHS staff can quickly setup the availability for a therapists by using easy to use workplans.

Workplan’s allows the system to assign common working days and weeks to a therapists diary at the click of a button

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