The NHS (National Health Service) required a online patient appointment booking system which would allow patients to easily book their therapist appointments online

The current solution was very labour intensive with over 8000 appointments per month being booked over the phone requiring the call centre staff to browse the therapist availability and explain to the patient which options were available.

This caused various issues with the patients having to call between working hours to book an appointment and putting a heavy load on NHS staff to ensure every patient was booked in.

The booking solution provided by System Bookings allows the patient to self-book via a unique web link 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If the patient has not booked after 3 days the system will send an automated email and SMS with a reminder to compete their booking.

As with all projects System Bookings ensured the booking process was quick, simple and seamless on mobile devices.


15,000 Bookings per month

Through the appointment booking solution the NHS receives in excess of 15,000 bookings per month for multiple types of appointments across multiple counties in the United Kingdom


Over 600 NHS Therapists

The appointment system is used by over 35 NHS Co-ordinators on a daily basis and appointments are booked online by patients for over 600 NHS healthcare professionals.




SMS Integration

The NHS appointment booking system is fully integrated with the SMS module allowing the appointment booking link to be sent to the patient via SMS and the booking confirmation once the appointment has been booked.

Appointment confirmations and reminders are also sent using the automated SMS module


SMS Integration

Schedule Management

Using System Bookings scheduler module NHS staff can quickly setup the availability for a therapists by using easy to use workplans.

Workplan’s allows the system to assign common working days and weeks to a therapists diary at the click of a button



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