National Landlords Association


National Landlords Association Course Booking System

The National Landlords Association booking system has allowed landlords throughout the UK to book courses quickly and easily

The Online booking system solution allows members and non members to make bookings for NLA courses, meetings and conferences. Integrated with Sage Pay and third party CMS. Different pricing bands are set depending on the type of users who is making a booking.

Membership Types

NLA offer a discounted rate on their bookings if the user is already a member, the booking system is integrated with NLA CRM system and can determine if the user is a member via the username and password entered.

The CRM integration also allows the booking form to be auto populated saving the user the hassle of completing the form each time they wish to make a booking.

Sage Pay

The conference booking system is integrated with the payment processor Sage Pay and allows the NLA to accept payments at the end of the booking process.

Full payment details can be viewed in the course management admin panel.

Discount Codes

Discount codes can be setup in the admin panel and then used by users during the booking process, the system instantly tells the user if the discount code is valid and applies the discount to the total price.

The discount codes either have a % value or a £ value and a maximum number can be set for the amount of times a code can be used.

Waiting List

Once a course is full the booking system offers the user the option to add themselves to the waiting list, The waiting list will then alert the user if further space becomes available.

Google Maps Integration

On each course the user can view the location via an easy to use integrated map, This helps the user to quickly see if the course is within a certain distance of their location.

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