Intranet booking system allowing 50 departments to book in photos shoots across 3 photo studios up to 18 months in advance.

Bookings on certain days

Due to high demand of the photo studios only certain days are made available for booking. This can be set in the admin panel and then displays on the public calendar.

Hearst Bookings

Bespoke booking form

The hearst photo studios requires specific details for each photo shoot, this is reflected in their booking form with many bespoke elements and validations.

Hearst Booking Form

Multi day bookings

Many bookings have to be booked across multiple days, The functionality to select up to 4 extras days is built within the system.

Hearst Multiday Bookings

Assign Staff

Once a photo shoot is booked in the software allows the user to assign a staff member to the photo shoot.

Hearst Assign Staff

Export bookings to CSV

Hearst require all bookings to be broken down by department and date, which are then exported to CSV format.

Hearst Bookings To CSV

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