Brighton & Hove Council

Our booking system software was integrated with a Queue Management System provider ( Lonsto ). Our booking system has allowed Brighton Council to accept bookings for various appointment types such as Housing, Planning and Council tax across multiple rooms.

Appointment queuing system

Clients ring to book in their appointment, a customer service agent will then assign an available booking time from the admin system. On the day the client will check in and will be assigned a ticket with their room number.

Brighton & Hove Council Appointment Queuing System

Integrated queuing system

The booking system installed at Brighton is integrated with the Lonsto queing system. This allows appointments to appear on screen and alert visitors when they are ready to be seen.

Brighton & Hove Council Integrated Queuing System

Multiple Rooms and services

Using the easy to use admin panel, unlimited rooms and services can be added allowing for instant changes within the council.

Ability to mark a booking as arrived, no show

Brighton & Hove staff have the facility to update the status of the booking after the appointment. This allows Brighton to see how many bookings were not completed and also to rearrange uncompleted bookings.

Brighton & Hove Council Bookings

Multi view to see all times and rooms on one screen

Using a easy to view layout, Brighton can view all the bookings of the rooms and services on one page.

Brighton & Hove Council Multiple Room Views

Reporting System

The booking system can run detailed reports on all aspects of the appointments. Reports include the total amount of bookings, succesful bookings, no shows.

Brighton & Hove Council Reporting System

Accessible from multiple stations and locations within the network

The system is used by over 30 operatives within Brighton Council and also at different locations. The system allows unlimited users to be logged in at the same time.

Brighton & Hove Council Multiple Stations

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