The Biffa booking system allows clients to book in their waste deliveries using a simple form. The tonnage available is in real time and allows only tonnage within the capacity left to be booked.

Clients can book their own delivery times

Using a web based form allows clients of Biffa to select their own delivery date and time.

Set availablity for each day

From the easy to use admin, Biffa can set how many tonnes of waste they can accept each day. This is set by by the site manager.

Pending Deliveries

Bookings can be set to be auto approved if they are within the tonnage set by the site manager. Bookings made after the tonnage total has been reached will then need approval before they are approved. An email will be sent to the client once the site manager has either approved or declined the booking.

Delivery type, Vehicle Type and other data fields

The client has to specify certain fields when making a booking inclduing the Delivery Type, Vehicle Type, Tonnage required as well as other data.

Detailed Reporting

Using the reporting suite, Biffa can run reportd based on the deliveries that have come in for a certain date period. They can also track information such as co2 emissions.

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