Clear Up Application

The clear up application allows the user to send a clear up notice to a sub contractor via email an easy to use mobile interface

User Login

Users can login and assign clear up notices to sub contractors.

ClearUp User Login

Select Option

Once the user has logged in they can either create a new notice or they can update an existing clear up notice.

ClearUp Select Option

Select a site

When the user adds a new notice they need to select which site the clear up notice is for.

ClearUp Select Site

Create notice

The user selects which sub contractor the clear up notice should be assigned too and they can then take pictures of the area that needs to be cleaned up.

ClearUp Create Notice

Upload Photos

The user can either upload an existing photo or take a picture with the camera on the device.

ClearUp Upload Photos

The user then specifies how long the user has to clear the mess and also enter other details such as who the notice should be for the attention of and location.

The notice is automatically timestamped.

ClearUp Form

Clear Up notice is sent to the sub contractor

The email with the clean up notice is sent immediately to the sub contractor.

All notices can be viewed from the control panel

Each clear up notice created can be viewed from easy to use desktop admin panel.